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A story about Kirby, Ace and interdimensional travel.

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Pink's awakening
Pink's awakening

09 Nov 2007 05:28 pm

If you can...

...Please check out these.

02 Nov 2007 04:27 pm

New banner, new comics!

Got a new banner for Kirb-Ace and 3 new comics! Check them out on my profile.

And for more info, read the journal on my Deviantart.

15 Feb 2007 08:02 pm

some problems

I would've finished that Valentine comic and update some more, but some stuff happened and my pc's acting buggy. Expect some comics in the weekend.

13 Feb 2007 04:23 pm

Metroid XY

Hyric is now an author on Smackjeeves! Go check out his comic, Metroid XY

29 Jan 2007 04:47 am

OMFG!!! He's back!

Yeah, that's right. I haven't posted comics for a while due to midterms. Which end today. On my birthday! A comic will be coming up after I come bacl from school! *runs to school*

23 Nov 2006 04:19 am

Updated every weekend

Just wanted to remind you guys that Kirb-Ace will be updated every weekend. But starting December 15th until January 4th next year, I'll make comics daily, because I won't have school then.

17 Nov 2006 03:50 am

Back to work

Well, that's the last of the homework, for now...
Anyway, today I'll continue with my comic.

09 Nov 2006 01:40 pm

Made it!

All the comics I already made are finally posted. I'm gonna make one more and then I'm taking a break for a few days. Take care of all homework for the next three weeks, so I'll have some more time to make comics. Ace, signing out.

03 Nov 2006 09:56 pm

Still no update?

I'm really sorry, but I'm not feeling good today. I'll update tomorrow for sure. I just need some re- *falls asleep on the keyboard*

*wakes up* Hm? Oh, right. I'd make a filler, but I have no good ideas at the moment.
*falls asleep again*

02 Nov 2006 02:47 pm

Not today

Sorry there aren't updates yet. My internet connection was out yesterday. I'll update tomorrow.

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